Bonnaroo: The General Specifics

Bonnaroo Music Festival
Bonnaroo Music Festival (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lo and behold, turns out I am not very good at this blogging thing. I like to write on here, once I’m on, with as many posts I can squeeze into one night and then it will be all tumbleweeds for a month straight.

Well I obviously can’t just jump right into what I want to write about with absolutely NO context, so heres a little back story. I’ll give you the short version: Last month (approximately five weeks ago according to my instagram pictures) me and my roommate set out to Tennessee to attend the Bonnaroo Music Festival. How it happened was simple. Here is the timeline:

Facebook status update from one of my friends. I don’t remember which. It reads something very straightforward. Similar to “I’m going to Bonnaroo” or something along those lines. Maybe some !!!!’s

See: In it tagged, one of my good friends, Skylar.

I Facebook message Skylar to confirm.

She is excited. Plenty of: ahhhh’s, OMG’s, should i do it!?!?’s, and i wanna go so bad’s.

I get excited. I look at lineup.

I read that R.Kelly would be at Bonnaroo.

This has officially become a deal breaker.

I tell her I’m “sososososososoo” serious.

I buy them right then and there and am in the hole 300 bucks.

But….”R.Kelly,” i think.

So then I wondered how me and little Sky (she’s adorable) would get to Tennessee on our own. Now, I knew a few other people who went to my school but they were bringing their peoples, who were bringing their peoples, who were bringing their distant cousins. Also, I didn’t even have anything required for camping. Like, a tent perhaps.

Basically  me and Sky decided we’d be buddying up for this totally insane at the time (and still maybe now) adventure for some good old responsible, yet carefree, spontaneous fun.

So it happened. We were broke. We were dirty and gross. We had no way home. We somehow pushed through five days with no real bathrooms, the smell of the earth permanently permeating in our pores, and our only nutrition sources being  alcohol and greasy arepas. To add to all that, I even lost my ipod on a silly golf cart taxi ride.

With a 18+ hr. car ride there and an entire day at some airports around on the east coast back, (in soaking wet clothes) we somehow did it and we lived to tell the tale.

Bonnaroo was incredibly amazing. We experienced it all: the good, the bad, and the smelly (not ugly, though-everyone there was beautiful and happy and amazing). I recently saw this list on buzzfeed that listed “10 trips you NEED to take in your 20’s”. Bonnaroo specifically was featured with good reason.

I will post the live stream and hope that maybe you can understand.

I will also post the buzzfeed article and hope it inspires you to do something crazy like that least once.


Now I just have SO MUCH TO SAY but I will post it in numerous other posts right after this one. YAY!

***side note I only took the ones that look like they’ve been taken on a crummy disposable. Electricity was hard to come by, people.


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