Golden Globes 2014 Nominees for Best Messy Buns

I like my men like Drake apparently likes his women; “in sweatpants, hair tied, chillen with no makeup on” except only in tuxes, hair tied, and chillen at the Golden Globes.  This year was an amazing year for film, television, and men with fabulously careless and dirty hairstyles. I don’t know if its because I live on the Lower East Side or if I’m just allured by the stark contrast of messy bun hair and suit, but  I have to say that these buns/tails were hypnotizing. There were so many exceptionally dressed men tonight in sharp suits but this post is dedicated to the men who maybe just got a little too lazy with the rest of the look. Keep on keeping on guys, that greasy little pony tail is the cherry on top of your effortless style. This is when you’re the prettiest boys, I hope that you don’t take it wrong.

Joaquin Phoenix


Although we can’t really expect him not to be the broodingly sad kid in the corner,  props all the same to Joaquin for not looking completely scary at this years Golden Globes! Or should I say props to the hair tie keeping that magical little pony tail in place? Whether it was Scarlet Johanson’s voice that simultaneously helped him get over his failed rap career or the simple and magical new do, Joaquin definitely had himself partially put together this year. Good move, Joaquin and pony tail! I’m rooting for you again!


Little bun peekin’ out the window.

Jared Leto


We always miss Jared Leto when he’s gone and when he’s back, he not only reminds us all of his outstanding talent, but he reminds us that he sports some of the best dirty/effortless hair looks of our time. This year it was a low, “almost-a-pony-tail-yet-still-too-lazy-to-tie-it-a-third-time-so-I’m-keeping-it-as-a-bun” neck-warming type hairstyle. Keep on keeping on, Jared.



Business in the front…


Party in the back! Its like the new and improved mullet!

Last but not least….Alex Ebert 




Despite all the wonderful messy buns sported at this years Golden Globes, I think Alex Ebert definitely takes the cake. He is the king of all lazy man up-dos. The best part is, this popular do is sported by him basically all the time, for all occasions. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was born with that hairstyle. This is why Alex Ebert is the winner of this years Best Golden Globe Messy Bun (not to mention he apparently parties on boats with Diddy..err I mean Sean John…and lives to tell the tale.)

Congrats Alex. It was tough competition. I for one wanted to run my fingers though all your pony tails, but sadly there can only be one winner. Until next year’s award ceremony that no one truly cares about. Stay messy, you handsome devils, you.


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